1907 is a Slovakian niche brand was founded by Eva Škovranová in 2014. "1907 is heritage, homage and continuity that life wrote at the aristocratic court. The grandparents of 1907’s founder had a close relationship with countess Stepan, and count Andrassy. Grandmother supplied the counts court with cosmetics, which she made herself with a lot of care and love. She was always searching for ways, how to bring infinite beauty with natures help. Her recipe for violet-lily eau de cologne, her granddaughter Evka guards with love till today.

A visit to a small perfume creator in Grasse, and meeting with the noses, gave the impulse for the renaissance of her grandmother’s soul. 1907 decided to preserve the beauty of the idea, link it to tradition with the symbol of the Lilly, incarnate the purity and nobility. 1907 is going back in time, with new ingredients, with similar passion. 1907 started the most demanding path. The path of Niche. We produce a limited amount, exactly as grandmother did in the past." - a note from the brand. Designer 1907 has 13 perfumes in our fragrance base. 1907 is a new fragrance brand. The earliest edition was created in 2014 and the newest is from 2018.